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2011 NPC Nationals Results


2011 IFBB North American Results


2011 IFBB North American Photos and Results


USA Championships

Today was a great day, but so exhausting. I am so happy to have placed 4th at the USA Championships!!! Now, it is time to go out and have some fun ūüėČ My friends are flying out from Florida and a friend drove from San Diego to celebrate tonight. Many thanks to everyone for their support!!! Have a wonderful night!

2011 USA Championships photos and results: http://gallery.rxmuscle.com/index.php?contest=51

USA Championships

I just got done with height check. Now, it is time to relax for the big day tomorrow ūüôā Thank you to everyone for all the encouraging words!

NPC Jr. Nationals Results and Photos

Jr. Nationals Results and Photos:


Congrats to all the competitors for working so hard!

2011 NPC Jr. USA Results

Top 5 in each class

You can view the photos for men’s bodybuilding and men’s physique by clicking on the name.


Audrius Jegelevicius


1. James Shumpert
2. Brian Garcia


1. Jack Oehlers
2. Robert Sheilds
3. Dustin Demercurio
4. Matthew Benz
5. Jeff Black


1. DJamil Johnson
2. Theodore Atkins Jr
3. Barsae Quaqua
4. Robert Wichman
5. Ryan Martucci


1. Byron Barnes
2. Jack Sullivan
3. Jose Dejesus
4. Louis Walls
5. Daniel Quattlebaum


1. Julius Page
2. David Fenty
3. Matt Olson
4. Levar Adams
5. Gerald Allen

Super Heavyweight

1. Audrius Jegelevicius
2. Dan Newmire
3. Mathew Locke
4. Trey Smith
5. Jason Gregory


Chikondi Mseka 

Pro Card Winners
Chikondi Mseka
Heather Grace 

Class A
1. Gloria Keplinger 
2. Cheri Nguyen 
3. Yeny Martinez 
4. Elsie Velazquez 
5. Mae Rogers  

Class B
1. Michelle  DeRosa 
2. Lacy Smith 
3. Sarah Venturini 
4. Amy Renea 
5. Jennifer Smythe  

Class C
1. Chikondi Mseka 
2. Christy Seguin 
3. Amy Yastremski 
4. Diana Diaz 
5. Mckenzie Walter  

Class D
1. Heather Grace 
2. Sue Knott 
3. Aimee Miller 
4. Mallory Haldeman 
5. Megan Smith  

Class E
1. Megan Reynolds 
2. Jenny Hansen 
3. Laura Mealy 
4. Robyn Europe 
5. Whitney Farland  

Class F
1. Tiffany Archer 
2. Amy Puglise 
3. Krista Dunn 
4. Patricia Clark 
5. Zonie McLauren  
Skyler Cashin


Judy Gaillard 

1. Shenequika  Perry 
2. Cassandra Wilson 

Light Heavyweight
1. Judy Gaillard 
2. Lisa Hamm 

Leslie  Jones 

1. Crystal  Rieke 
2. Donna  Sweat  
3. Amy Sutter  


Pro Card Winners
Dana Bailey 
Amanda Braun 

Dana Bailey 

Class A
1. Dana Bailey 
2. Rachel Baker
3. Lori  Brooks 
4. Susie Torres
5. Ayonna Carol 

Class B
1. Amanda Braun 
2. Natalie Leon
3. Nola  Trimble 
4. Jillian  Reville  
5. Heather  Payne


Candyce Graham  

Pro Card Winners
Candyce Graham 
Amanda  Duncan 

Class A
1. Alectra Kelly 
2. Kierstin Flores 
3. Phoebe Casey 
4. Stephanie Mule 
5. Elena White

Class B
1. Amanda  Duncan 
2. Jacquelyn Kastelic 
3. Kathryn Landis 
4. SareaMarie Moylan 
5. Mercedes Perez 

Class C
1. Candyce Graham 
2. Diana Graham 
3. Charish Hammond
4. Kiara Horne 
5. Sasha Lewis

Class D
1. Madeleine Stone 
2. Tawna Eubanks 
3. Olivia   Woyome 
4. Nola June 
5. Audrina Torres 

Class E

1. Whitney Wiser 
2. Alexis Montgomery
3. Heather  Gonyea 
4. Taylor Jerbasi 
5. Olivia Rhyne

Class F

1. Christine Vujnich 
2. Crystal Mathews 
3. Brittney Layne 
4. Crystal   King  
5. Meredith  Long


Paula  Williams-Gulman 


Matt Christianer

Pro Card Winners
Matt Christianer  
Ryan Hughes 

Class A
1. Matt Christianer
2. Michael Bevins
3. Alex Carneiro
4. Eddie Baird
5. Bobby Ashurst

Class B
1. Ryan Hughes
2. Douglas Peaney
3. Steven Cook
4. Tony Robinson
5. Aaron OConnell

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