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2012 IFBB North Americans

The 2012 IFBB North Americans was the most memorable National show I have ever done. It was very well-organized and expedited flawlessly and quickly. Everyone was extremely kind, helpful, and encouraging. It was such an honor to be part of this show and to have placed first, receiving my Pro Card.

Right before the show, I got a hip injury of bursitis and tendonitis. Luckily my injury was lateral, which did not cause me too much pain while I was on stage. It seemed like the pain eased away when I looked out into the crowd and saw my mom’s smiling face. This was the first show she has been able to attend of mine and the first show my hubby has not been able to attend. It was definitely tough for me not to have my hubby/trainer there with me, but it made my world having my mom there 🙂

I was asked as I was walking off of stage and I still am unsure, when will my Pro debut be? So, now it is time to figure everything out. This is definitely a new experience providing me with many new levels and opportunities.

Thank you for being supportive and encouraging during my journey! You have helped and inspired me to do the things I dreamed of doing. Much love and many thanks!!

Pro Card winners – http://pics.musculardevelopment.com/index.php?mode=contest&contestcode=152

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