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2012 Olympia Results and Payouts

Congratulations to all of the competitors! Everyone worked so hard and looked fantastic!!

Figure Olympia 2012

  1. Erin Stern-$28,000
  2. Nicole Wilkins – $14,000
  3. Candice Keene – $8,000
  4. Heather Dees – $5,000
  5. Mallory Haldeman – $3,000
  6. Teresa Anthony – $2,000

212 Olympia 2012

  1. Flex Lewis – $20,000
  2. David Henry – $10,000
  3. Eduardo Correa – $5,000
  4. Jose Raymond – $3,000
  5. Al Auguste – $2,000
  6. Tricky Jackson – $1,000

Mr. Olympia 2012

  1. Phil Heath – $250,000
  2. Kai Greene – $100,000
  3. Shawn Rhoden – $75,000
  4. Dexter Jackson – $50,000
  5. Branch Warren – $48,000
  6. Dennis Wolf – $30,000
  7. Toney Freeman – $18,000
  8. Evan Centopani – $17,000
  9. Johnnie Jackson – $16,000
  10. Lionel Beyeke – $15,000


2012 Mr. Olympia Event Schedule Day Three

Saturday – September 29, 2012

All events, unless specified otherwise, will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall

930am – Olympia Expo early entry – VIP ticket holders and Platinum Members

1000am -BSN’s Olympia Best of the West Grappling Championships,

1000am – 500pm – Olympia Expo, Olympia Kickboxing – National Championships, Olympia Arm Wars Super Series, Olympia Powerlifting Championships, Olympia’s US Air Force Xtreme Fit Challenge, Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete, MHP’s X-Fit Strongman fan experience.

1030am – Olympia 212 Showdown – Judging

1100am – Olympia Sumo Open

1200pm – MHP’s Olympia Strongman Challenge

100pm – BPI’s FLEX Magazine’s Bikini Model Search – Finals, Muscle & Fitness Model Search – Finals

200pm – Olympia Arm Wars Super Heavyweight World Title super match

300pm – Olympia Arm Wars Super Series – Heavyweight Battleground, Muscle & Fitness Q&A Seminar

700pm – Figure, 212 Showdown, and Mr. Olympia Finals – Orleans Arena

1100pm – Olympia Victory Gala – Orleans Hotel Mardi Gras Ballroom

1200am – Official Olympia after party (TAO Asian Bistro & Nightclub)

2012 Miss Figure Olympia Prejudging

Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern, Candice Keene


What do you predict?

2012 Mr. Olympia Event Schedule Day Two

I love Olympia time!!! Today starts the events to the Super Bowl of fitness everyone has been waiting for!! All the events will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall because the Expo has expanded to 500,000 square feet!

September 28, 2012

930am – Early entry for VIP ticket holders  and Platinum Members

1000am – BSN’s Olympia Best of the West Grappling Championships

1000am – 500pm
Olympia Expo, Olympia Kickboxing-Demo and adult tournaments, Olympia Arm Wars Super Series, Olympia Pro Powerlifting Championships, Olympia US Air Force Xtreme Fit Challenge, Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete

1030am – IFBB Pro League Women’s Judging for Fitness, Bikini, Figure, and Ms. Olympia

1030am – 1230pm – MHP’s X-FIT Strongman

1230pm – 212 Showdown athlete weigh-ins

100pm – BPI’s Flex Bikini Model Search, Muscle & Fitness Model Search, MHP’s Strongman Challenge, Olympia Sumo Open

300pm – Jay Cutler – Taking it Back

300pm – 330pm – Olympia backstage tour and photo opportunity (VIP ticket holders and Platinum Members)

330pm – Anti-bullying seminar

700pm – Fitness, Bikini, and Ms. Olympia Finals and Mr. Olympia Judging

Please keep me updated if you’re attending!

2012 Mr. Olympia Schedule of Events Day One

The time has arrived for the Super Bowl of fitness, Olympia 2012!!!! This year the events are held in the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Here’s the schedule of events for day one, September 27, 2012:

12:00 pm – Mr. Olympia Press Conference (Open to the public)

7:00 pm – Meet the Olympians (VIP and Platinum Members Only)

8:00 pm – Meet the Olympians (Free Admission/Open to the public)

What are you’re predictions for Olympia, any or all categories?

Wish I could be there! If you’re able to attend the events, I would love to hear about all of your experiences! Please update me on my WordPress, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

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