IFBB Pro Tammy Bravomalo

USPlabs Athlete. Passion for Figure.

About My Trainer


  • 1 – IFBB Pro Card winner (Figure)
  • 3 – Top 4 National Level placings (Bikini and Figure) 
  • 3 – Top 10 National Level placings (Bikini and Figure)
  • 1 – Overall NPC placing (Bikini)
  • 6 – Top 2 NPC placings (Bodybuilding, Bikini, and Figure)

For online training or personalized posing sessions, please contact us at tammybravomalo_figure@hotmail.com.

My trainer is my husband and best friend, Andrew. I have the utmost respect for him and put my trust in him 110%. He knows what my goals are and is the best coach in helping me obtain my goals.

Trainers have to be very tough and push you to your limits. To me, honesty is the key when I am trying to achieve my goals. I know I have to be honest with myself and with my trainer. In return, I expect my trainer to be honest with me.

I feel many people do not have this type of relationship with their trainers and find themselves having a hard time obtaining their goals. Try your best to find the right trainer or an accountability partner. If you cannot find the right one, try to be committed to your own personal goals. It’s tough, but you will be so happy you did not give up.

“Bodybuilding is a sport where even if you don’t compete, you get to walk around with your trophy everyday.” ~Andrew Bravomalo


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